3 Features That Changed Windows Forever

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Today’s windows have greatly increased overall comfort in the home.

Technology in recent years has drastically changed the way we live. Smartphones keep our schedules, advanced kitchen appliances make cooking and cleaning a breeze, and new car features keep us safer. This spread of technology has affected the home remodeling industry as well, and nowhere is it more evident than in windows. Once a simple, utilitarian device, windows now have become packed with features that help them to function better and improve the quality of life of the homeowner. In particular, there are three different ways that windows have changed over the years to become the highly-efficient home feature that they are today.


Wood frames were once a hugely popular style of window frames. However, many homeowners tired of wood frames because of the maintenance involved in constantly re-staining them. The next window frame fad was aluminum, since it required no upkeep. However, aluminum conducts temperatures more than wood, so it was not as effective at regulating temperatures in the home. Finally, an all-around solution came along: vinyl window frames. With vinyl frames, you get the insulation to rival wood and low maintenance to rival aluminum. Plus, many vinyl frames come filled with a special argon gas that helps to insulate your windows even more!


It wasn’t that long ago that windows only held a single pane of glass. Today, many windows come with two or more panes of glass, which helps to further insulate the home. Argon gas can also be found in between the panes of glass, which helps to keep the cold out and the warmth in. The result is a sturdier structure with features that save you money on heating and cooling costs.


Windows, especially windows that are high off the ground, can prove to be especially difficult to clean. Many families have to hire a professional window cleaning service just to clean these hard-to-reach windows. Luckily, our Great View windows have addressed this problem in two ways. First, the windows are sealed in a stain-proof coating called NEAT glass. This allows debris and water to slide right off the windows, minimizing the necessity for manual cleaning. Second, our Great View windows tilt inwards, which makes tall windows simple to clean.

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