What You’ve Got to Know About Bay Windows

What You’ve Got to Know About Bay Windows

Have you been thinking about adding bay windows to your home design?

Have you been thinking about adding bay windows to your home design? It’s easier than you might think! Bay windows were first invented in the 15th century, and they have been a fixture of homes ever since. At first, they were purely ornamental, but modern windows offer so much more than that. Let’s find out more! 

4 Types of Bay Windows 

Even though the windows have existed for over five hundred years, they haven’t changed all that much in that span of time. But you do have options: window styles, angles, architectural details are all up to you.


  • Canted: These windows give you the best idea of what a bay window looks like. They feature a flat front that has angled sides, but they will only be on the first floor. 
  • Box: There are also box bay windows. Structurally speaking, they’re identical to their canted cousins. The one difference is that the side windows have a ninety-degree angle, which forms a boxy shape.
  • Oriel: These are the first generation, the originals you might say. They’re built directly onto the side of a home so that they don’t touch the ground. They can also be found in any story of the home. Decorative brackets and corbels, provide support.


  1. Circle: While they aren’t as common, they are popular enough to warrant their own category. These windows feature bigger panes of glass on three sides along with more panes above the windows. You’ll also find more intricate moldings and ornamental details than their counterparts. 

Playing with Configurations 

Once you have a style of bay window in mind, the time has come to think about the configuration that you want. Luckily, you have many different options here. If you want to focus on aesthetics and natural light, then you will probably need three fixed picture windows that are all the same size. You can also consider having one picture window in the middle that is bigger than the two smaller windows flanking it. 

Functionality is something that many homeowners look for in their windows. This is why you can configure a picture window with two operable windows on either side of it. These side windows serve to improve airflow once opened and can bring in a cooling breeze on a hot summer day. 

Double-hung windows and casement windows are the most common configurations of bay windows. Casements are easier to open since they operate on a crank. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, let you open one half of the windows or both to get more air moving. 

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