How to Care for Vinyl Window Frames

vinyl window frames

Don’t forget to get the window frames when you’re cleaning the window panes!

Last week, we discussed how you can easily keep your windows clean this spring. Just as it’s important to keep the panes spotlessly clean, it’s also important to keep the vinyl frame clean as well. Clean window panes give you a great view of the outdoors while at the same time making the exterior of your home look attractive. Clean window frames not only look great, they also extend the life of your windows. Here’s how you can care for your vinyl window frames.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Window Frames

One of the great things about vinyl window frames is that they’re easy to care for. For regular cleaning, use a small amount of a mild liquid detergent mixed with water. With a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush, scrub in a circular motion to remove dirt. Rinse with clean water, then dry. Cleaning your vinyl window frames in this manner is a great way to make your window frames shine as well as prevent dirt buildup and mold growth. When cleaning your windows, make sure not to use strong cleaners or a pressure washer. These can be hard on many surfaces of the home, including windows, and should only be used when explicitly instructed.

Clean Naturally

If you don’t want to use cleaning chemicals like a detergent to clean your vinyl window frames, then have no fear! You can easily clean your window frames naturally using items that you probably already have in your home. Simply mix three parts distilled white vinegar to seven parts clean water in a spray bottle. The smell of vinegar may be strong, so you can add the juice of one or two lemons to mellow the vinegar smell and leave a fresh citrusy scent! Simply spray your natural mixture onto the window frame and let it sit for a few minutes. Reapply another layer of the cleaning mixture, then scrub with a soft cloth or brush in a circular motion until all the dirt is removed. Finish up by wiping down the frame with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residual vinegar. Now you have naturally beautiful and shining vinyl window frames!

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