Spring Cleaning Your Windows

spring cleaning

Cleaning your windows is easy with out Great View windows with Neat technology!

This Sunday, March 20th is the first day of spring! And you know what that means: spring cleaning! Luckily, you won’t have to put too much effort into cleaning your replacement windows from Capital Remodeling. We utilize technology that makes it easy for your windows to stay cleaner for longer.

Neat Glass

Neat glass is a special glass that has a coating that allows water to sheet off rather than accumulate and leave marks. This special coating means that debris that may accumulate on your windows will simply wash away the next time it rains. This is great for tall windows that are difficult to reach and makes it painfully simple to keep the exterior of your windows spotless.

Cleaning Window Panes

As you’re doing your spring cleaning, you may decide to expend the effort on cleaning your windows anyway. If you plan on cleaning your windows, a good tip is to use coffee filters instead of paper towels; the tighter fibers in a coffee filter leave less residue than a paper towel or terry cloth. You can also make your own eco-friendly window cleaner if you’re really feeling into the spring cleaning spirit! Mix 1.5 cups of vinegar with one gallon of water. Rinse your window with fresh water, then clean with your prepared solution, rinse again, then dry with a towel or a coffee filter. Presto! You have sparkling clean window panes!

Great View Windows

Our Great View windows are specially designed to be easy to clean. Great View windows tilt inwards, making every surface of the window easily reachable and negating the need to spend money on window cleaning services. You can even easily clean the exterior of your windows with Great View tilting windows! That feature, combined with the technology of Neat glass, makes replacement windows from Capital Remodeling easy to keep clean!

Capital Remodeling, Inc.

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