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  • How You Know It’s Time for Replacement Windows

    New windows and yes, patio doors, are great examples of home improvement projects. Most homeowners might not know when it is time to begin these projects, though. Fortunately, we have assembled this list of signs that you can follow. 

  • 5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Kitchen

    Is it time to remodel your kitchen? If it is, then you have plenty of decisions to make. What do you want to achieve through your remodeling process? Do you want to expand the kitchen? Change the flooring? Replace the… Read More

  • Replacement Windows Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

    Heat and humidity can be uncomfortable for anybody, especially during the summer. This is the time of year when temperatures are pushing 100 degrees and sometimes feel hotter than that due to the heat index. So one common solution is… Read More

  • How to Choose a New Kitchen Sink

    Sometimes, even a modest change can bring new life into your home. Rather than making a radical change all at once, you might be more comfortable changing one element at a time. If you’ve been looking for advice on how… Read More

  • What You’ve Got to Know About Bay Windows

    Have you been thinking about adding bay windows to your home design? It’s easier than you might think! Bay windows were first invented in the 15th century, and they have been a fixture of homes ever since. At first, they… Read More

  • 10 Kitchen Design Basics

    Are you ready to rethink your kitchen design? If you are, then there are some basic components you need to keep in mind whether or not the remodeling project you’ve had in mind is about to begin. We’ve compiled a… Read More

  • Using Windows to Reduce Solar Load

    The windows attached to your home let in more light and airflow. If your home didn’t have windows, then it wouldn’t be the same.  Sunshine entering the windows puts more heat into your home, which in turn makes your air… Read More

  • Ideas for Upgrading Your Kitchen without a Full Renovation

    There are many different ways to transform your home. One of those ways is to change the look and feel of the kitchen. However, in some cases, a full-scale renovation or remodel just isn’t feasible for one reason or another…. Read More

  • Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

    Replacing your existing windows with new ones doesn’t need to be a struggle. The size of the opening influences the types of windows you can choose, when you need new windows, you can rely on Capital Remodeling to help you… Read More

  • Reasons to Invest in Replacement Windows

    Getting replacement windows doesn’t need to be a hassle. You should start asking yourself what condition are your windows currently in. At some point, you will need to get replacement windows. Here are some compelling reasons to do so.