Replacement Windows Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Replacement Windows Can Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Did you know that your windows can help bring some relief? Replacement windows can help even more!

Heat and humidity can be uncomfortable for anybody, especially during the summer. This is the time of year when temperatures are pushing 100 degrees and sometimes feel hotter than that due to the heat index. So one common solution is to turn up the air conditioning inside your home. Did you know that your windows can help bring some relief? Replacement windows can help even more! 

Single Pane Windows

First, let’s talk about single-pane windows. Ask yourself these questions: how old is your home? Do you still have the original windows? At some point you might have replaced them before, but it’s been too long since their last inspection. Single pane windows only have one sheet of glass, and it doesn’t provide much protection against summer heat. Ninety percent of UV rays can enter your home through single pane windows. You can use window film or tinting to help cut down on these emissions, but in the long run, you will want to consider replacing your current set of windows. 

They Reduce Draftiness 

When your windows get old, they can start to develop leaks and drafts. Draftiness is never good, weather in the heat of summer, the cold of winter, or the seasons in between. Drafty windows let the cooled air out due to seal failure. Broken seals allow the gas fills to escape as well. Although you can repair window seals, it is only a short-term fix for a long-term problem. It’s best to invest in replacement windows instead. 

They Use Energy Efficient Glass 

One way to save more energy is to replace your old single-pane windows with newer ones fitted with two panes of glass. If you want to increase your energy efficiency but are on somewhat of a tight budget, then seeking out double-pane windows is the best choice for you. They use argon gas fills to help lower heat transfer which means less hot air will be able to get into your home. 

They Use a Low-E Glass Coating 

Double pane windows feature a special kind of glass coating. This low-E glass coating reflects sunlight and keeps heat away from your windows. The coating also works in conjunction with the gas fills between the panes of glass; this improves energy efficiency. Thus, your home is kept cool and the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Try replacing your window treatments with darker curtains or shades as well. 

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