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Archive for March, 2017

  • Spring Remodeling Projects that Add Value to Your Home

    The beautiful weather and chirping birds are signs that spring is here! Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures and tax refunds by tackling some spring remodeling projects. Here are four of our top spring remodeling projects that add value to… Read More

  • A Quick Replacement Window Guide

    If your windows didn’t do their job over the winter, you might be looking for replacement windows now that the weather is warming up. Replacement windows are a fantastic investment in your home (and lowering your energy bills). Here is… Read More

  • What to Consider When Shopping for Replacement Windows

    Are your windows old or damaged? Shopping for replacement windows? Now is a great opportunity for a change! Replacement windows will give you great savings on your energy bill. They’re also a great opportunity to update the style of your… Read More

  • How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

    Natural light can do wonders for your health, as well as draw extra attention to your interior design. There are several ways you can increase the amount of sunlight that enters your home as well as maximize that light for… Read More

  • How to Keep Your Sanity during a Major Remodel

    While we all want to do our best to achieve our dream home and boost the value of our home, and this can often involve a major remodel or two, remodeling your home can often be a trying time. From… Read More