Prevent Tree Damage to Your Windows

tree damage

Taking care of your trees can prevent tree damage to your windows.

When you get replacement windows from Capital Remodeling, you probably spend a minimal amount of attention on easily cleaning the windows that tilt inwards, and other than that just enjoy the sunshine and nice view that your windows afford. However, it’s worth taking a little time to consider the trees around your home and what you can do to prevent tree damage to your windows as well as other parts of your home.

How to Prevent Tree Damage

A tree in close proximity to your home can cause considerable damage, especially during a storm or if the tree is dead or diseased. The glass panes and vinyl frames of windows are especially at risk of damage from a falling tree branch. Here are a few things to look for when trying to spot a hazardous tree:

  • Long limbs. Do you have a tree with long limbs that tend to scratch creepily on your window panes during a storm? Not only is the offputting, it’s also dangerous. With extremely strong winds, these long tree limbs can go from gently scratching your window panes to slamming and breaking them. Have your tree limbs pruned during the spring or fall by a landscaper or gardener.
  • Dead or diseased. A dead or diseased tree is even more likely to send a tree branch through your window. The limbs of dead and diseased trees are more brittle and weak, which means that a strong gust of wind could easily break off a branch or two. This is not only dangerous to your windows, it’s also dangerous to anyone who may be walking underneath the tree. If your tree has any strange bumps, an abnormal amount of insects, or discolored leaves, be sure to call a tree service to diagnose and treat your tree or have it removed.
  • Mold. Dead plant matter that is left in place for weeks on end creates the perfect environment for mold growth. If your window sill has dead leaves or other vegetation collecting on it, be sure to clean it off regularly.
  • Infestation. It’s important to keep your trees healthy, and that’s not just to keep branches from breaking off. A nasty termite infestation from a tree that’s touching your window sill could spread to the home, causing an even bigger problem. Be sure to nip the problem in the bud by keeping an eye on trees that are close to your windows.

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