How Insulated Windows Help You Beat The Heat

Now that spring is here and temperatures are rising, it’s the perfect time to replace your old windows with insulated double-paned windows. Upgrading to energy efficient double-paned windows can save you money all year — in the summer double-paned windows keep cool air inside, in the winter you’ll keep the cold air outside.

Photo: Insulated windows offer temperature control and energy savings

Insulated windows offer better temperature control and energy savings.

How Insulated Windows Work

Double-paned windows are made up of, you guessed it, two panes of glass or vinyl. They’re separated by a small pocket of argon or krypton gas, which creates the insulating effect. This helps to reduce the transfer of heat by about 50%, according to Energy Guide. New windows can also reduce drafts. Together, that means a comfortable, relaxing summer with less heat coming in and less cool air going out.

Year-Round Benefits of Insulated Windows

Your new double-paned windows won’t just keep you comfortable during the warmer months. In fall and winter, you’ll stay warm and cozy. Insulated windows will keep the cold air outside where it belongs and you’ll stay toasty even when snow is falling.

Tax Benefits for Insulated Windows  

Energy-efficient home improvements, like insulated windows, can reduce your tax bill, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Capital Remodeling can help you determine if your new insulated windows qualify for tax credits in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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