Advice for Childproofing Your Windows

childproofing your windows

One method of childproofing your windows involves moving furniture away from windows. This makes it harder for curious children to climb onto window sills.

Nothing’s better than the feeling of buying your first home, renovating it, and starting a family. Many families with young children are aware of the many potential hazards to young children in the home. Things like electrical outlets, knives, and window treatment cords and pulls can be dangerous to small children and pets. Luckily, when it comes to windows, there are several methods of childproofing your windows.

Furniture Placement

Children love to crawl, climb, and explore, so much so that they almost seem like little monkeys! It’s important to let children expend all this excess energy and satiate their curiosity. You can make sure your children’s exploration around the home is safe by carefully guiding where they’re able to reach. Children don’t have very good depth perception or balance, so climbing on furniture that’s near a window could result in a topple out the window and into the garden below. To prevent this from happening, you can make sure that there’s no furniture near windows, so children won’t be able to reach the windows.

Window Treatment Cords and Pulls

After getting brand new replacement windows installed throughout the home, many homeowners are excited to dress them up with classy window treatments. If you have small children, it’s a good idea to keep in mind how easily they can reach the cords and pulls. There are several cordless options that you can opt for instead. These types of window treatments can be easily pulled or pushed to the right position via handles on the top and bottom. Some window treatments can even be remote controlled so that you can schedule when and how they’ll move, all without the use of cords or pulls!

Working Locks

As children are growing and learning, they love to play with things to see how they work. Sometimes, this is harmless, such as a child pressing buttons on a remote control and seeing how it makes the channels on the TV change. Other times, however, this can be dangerous, such as when a child finds their way onto a windowsill and begins playing with the locks to the windows. Make sure that your windows close and lock properly. If your windows are easy to open or don’t close the whole way, you may want to invest in new replacement windows. Not only will new windows save you money in a variety of different ways, they’ll also be safer for your child.

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