How to Keep Your Family Happy During a Remodel

keep family happy

It’s completely possible to keep all family members happy and unstressed during a home remodel!

A home remodel can be stressful. We know; we’ve worked with many families of all sizes. Taking care of young children or aging parents when there’s so much commotion going on in the home can be difficult. But have no fear. Lots of families have made it through the chaos of a home remodel with success. Here are a few tips from families who have survived the stressful remodeling process. It is completely possible to keep every family member happy during a remodel, and then you get to enjoy your beautiful new home afterward!

Keep Kids Occupied and Involved

Having major work done on your home, such as having your kitchen remodeled or your vinyl siding replaced, can be scary for young children. They have no idea who the strangers in their home are, or why it’s so noisy, or why the familiar parts of their home are changing! It’s understandably an upsetting time for small children; and when the kids are upset, it’s likely that you’re feeling upset and stressed as well. Luckily, many parents have found ways to make a remodel less scary and even get kids excited! It’s the feeling of a loss of control that is so scary to kids. If you can give them something to be in control of during the remodel, they’ll feel like an important part of the work taking place. It doesn’t have to be something big. Consider letting your child choose between a few colors that you’ve picked out, or letting them choose which cabinetry hardware out of your own selection they like best. You still get to make all the important decision, but your child also gets to make decisions and feel like they’re working with you to make their home better.

Spend Time Outside of the Home

If your renovation is going to take a while, it may be a great time to go on a short road trip or visit family. Living with elderly parents can be a stressful responsibility. There’s no reason it has to be made even more stressful by a remodel. You can take your parents for an extended visit to another family member. Not only does this give family members the opportunity to connect and spend time together, it also gets your parents away from the commotion of the remodel.

If you need to get kids out of the house, consider going on a day trip to an amusement park. Your kids will have a great day full of fun, and by the time they get home they’ll have forgotten a remodel was even taking place. If you’re looking for something a bit more peaceful, you can go on a hike, go fishing, or go swimming. Spending time in nature is a great way to regain some calm while our installers improve your home.

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