Install Replacement Windows in Fall to Save Money in Winter

replacement windows fall winter

Getting new replacement windows in the fall ensures that you have a more comfortable winter.

After a long, scorching hot summer, it’s finally fall! Of course, just as soon as we start to really settle down into the lovely autumn weather we’ll get the first winter frost and soon uncomfortably cold temperatures will be the norm. Don’t wait until winter gets here to install new replacement windows! You don’t want to worry about uncomfortable drafts during the winter. Here are some of the benefits you can experience from having replacement windows installed in your home during the winter.

Low E-Glass

When shopping for replacement windows, you want to look for windows made of low E-glass. “Low-E” means “low emissivity”, meaning that the glass is treated to keep indoor temperatures in and outdoor temperatures out. Low-E glass has been coated with a microscopic metal glazing that reflects sunlight away from your home. This not only helps to keep your home cooler in the summer but also protects interior decor from fading due to UV rays. Plus, this coating also works to keep warm temperatures from escaping your home in the winter. If you’re looking to spend your winter luxuriating in comfort, then new replacement windows can help!

Gas Fills

If you have windows that are a few decades old, you may notice that they only have a single pane of glass. New windows come with multiple panes to keep outdoor temperatures from seeping inside. But it’s not only the multiple panes that do the work. Gas between panes improves a window’s U-factor, which is the amount of heat flow the window allows. Look for replacement windows with low U-factors for more efficiency.

Air Leakage

Another way that replacement windows help to keep your home comfortable and efficient in the fall and winter is to prevent air leakage. Good weather sealing on the sash and sill keeps the elements out of your home and doesn’t erode away quickly. This helps to prevent drafts and saves you money on heating and cooling costs.

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