The Basics of Picture Windows

picture windows

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If you’re considering new windows or replacement windows, one outstanding choice you have is that of picture windows. These are energy efficient models that can blend in with various other styles of windows to increase the overall curb appeal and gorgeous new aesthetic for your home’s exterior. Don’t overlook how much light they can let in. Such an attribute is essential as winter closes in since the nights are growing longer. Meanwhile the daytime only gets shorter. Let’s learn more about the basics of picture windows.

What Sets Picture Windows Apart?

The distinguishing feature of all pictures windows is that they are installed into the frame of the window. You might be wondering what difference that could make. Well, because of the way they are installed, picture windows stay in place and won’t move out of position. As such, they can vastly improve energy efficiency and ventilation throughout your home. Another major benefit is that, as noted above, they can let in plenty of sunshine throughout the day.

Can They Open?

Unfortunately, no matter where they are in your home, picture windows are unable to open. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter other styles of windows that are, in theory, picture windows that can open. Some examples include casement picture windows and slider picture windows. Even so, don’t be fooled, as these models are not true picture windows. Keep in mind that a real picture window is one that can’t move in any way.

What Varieties Are There?

Even though they can’t open, you’ll still find a surprising amount of versatility and value when it comes to choosing a picture window. Just what does this mean? When you decide to install a picture window in your home, you can choose wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

Wood: Wooden picture windows are the most conventional type. But just because it is the classic style, does not make it the only choice you have.

Vinyl: You could also choose to have vinyl picture windows. Wood and vinyl alike are highly energy-efficient, but vinyl doesn’t require as much care and attention. So if you want a lower-maintenance picture window, vinyl might be the right one for you.

Aluminum: While aluminum may be an unexpected choice, there is a good reason why they aren’t as popular or well-known as their counterparts: they are the least energy-efficient of all.

Replacement Picture Windows from Capital Remodeling

Capital Remodeling is ready to transform and secure your home this fall with affordable and durable replacement picture windows that are the best you’ll find. With our quality replacement window options and remodeling services, affordable prices, and flawless customer service, you will love the end-result. If you are ready for a free quote, visit us online or give us a call at 1-1-800-300-6780 (800-472-2748). To see examples of our work, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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