3 Factors to Consider When Preparing for Replacement Windows

3 Factors to Consider When Preparing for Replacement Windows

Finding the perfect replacement windows for your home might not be as easy as you might expect.

Eventually, your home’s current windows will wear out, and you will need replacements installed. However, finding the perfect replacement windows for your home might not be as easy as you might expect. What factors can affect this process? Read on to find out more about what to consider when preparing your home for replacement windows this winter.

The Quality of Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a critical investment in the long-term integrity of your home. To that end, you want to be sure you’re getting the highest quality windows possible. The durability and overall quality of replacement windows and doors are rigorously inspected so that they can meet the requirements of the AAMA Gold Level Certification Program. This program tests replacement windows and doors alike according to several aspects of performance, such as how well they transfer heat, allow air and water to pass through, and how well-constructed they are.

Different Types of Replacement Windows

Now that you have settled on getting replacement windows, you’ll have to decide which type of replacement window you want. Fortunately, there is a wide array of choices available to you. Contact us at Capital Remodeling to ensure you find the best fit for your home. What replacement window options do you have?

Double hung: You’ll want to be sure your replacement windows stay clean, especially when it comes to condensation and other issues both fall and winter weather can present. Luckily, double hung windows are simple to clean and simpler to move back into position once you’re done.

Slider: Slider windows afford you a better view of your landscape, and can also bring in more light, which is exceedingly important to help cut down on energy usage when it gets darker outside so much earlier during this time of year.

Casement: Casement windows have two primary benefits. First, by cranking the handle on a casement window, you can open it more easily. Second, casement windows give you a better view while maximizing your home’s ventilation.

Bow: The bow window can help increase your home’s curb appeal. If your bow window is made of wood, you may want to consider upgrading to vinyl.

Picture: As we’ve discussed before, picture windows are an excellent choice when it comes to replacement windows. Why might this be the case? Not only can you have several different choices when it comes to shape or size of the picture window, you’ll also find that they are the most energy-efficient as well.

Improving Energy Efficiency

No matter what climate your home is in, energy efficiency is an important consideration to make. Freezing winter temperatures are going to be unpleasant enough without the energy cost to keep your home adequately warmed.

Replacement Windows from Capital Remodeling

Capital Remodeling is ready to transform and secure your home this fall and winter with affordable and durable replacement windows that are the best you’ll find. With our quality replacement window options and remodeling services, affordable prices, and flawless customer service, you will love the end-result. If you are ready for a free quote, visit us online or give us a call at 1-1-800-300-6780 (800-472-2748). To see examples of our work, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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