Choosing Window Grilles Based On Your Home’s Aesthetic

Choosing Window Grilles Based On Your Home’s Aesthetic

Did you know window grilles are also known as window grids?

Your home’s aesthetic is an important consideration when choosing replacement windows. One option you can think about when it’s time to replace some windows is to select different window grilles. Did you know window grilles are also known as window grids? Here is some more information about these decorative touches, and how you can use them to boost your home’s appeal.

For Colonial Homes

No matter where you go across the country, you’ll find many colonial homes. This home aesthetic is one of the most common, so it should be easy to choose window grilles to go with it. Symmetry in design is the hallmark of colonial homes, so you’ll find that balance in windows and lines around the house. The front door is also typically placed in the precise middle of the home’s front facade. If you have a colonial home, which window grille pattern should you choose? That’s simple – the colonial grille, which is named after this style of home.

For Modern Homes

Does your house feature clean lines and wider windows? Then your home might have a modern or contemporary aesthetic. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to add window grilles to this style of home, you might not have much luck. By and large, you won’t be able to customize the larger windows with a grille – at the very least, it’s not a common choice. However, even if your neighbors have a similar style of house, that doesn’t mean you should hesitate to stand out a little bit!

For Victorian Homes

Victorian home designs value form over function. This design ideal means that your house is gorgeous, and relatively larger when compared to homes of other designs. Your exteriors could be made of stone, but Victorian homes also have brighter colors and more outlandish decorations to offset that darker look. The age of your Victorian home helps determine the style of window grille you should choose: older homes feature diamonds, but so-called Victorian grilles also exist. Victorian grilles are colonial grilles on double-hung windows.

For Cottage-Style Homes

Perhaps your home features the cottage-style aesthetic? This design means that there’s plenty of living space on the ground floor with bedrooms on the second floor. Unique trim such as gingerbread designs and window boxes underneath the windows are the significant elements of a cottage-style home. If your home falls into this category, choose colonial window grilles.

Replacement Window Grilles from Capital Remodeling

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