The Benefits of Mastic Siding

Mastic Siding

Mastic Siding makes a house look like new!

Are you considering re-siding your home? If so, you want to choose a siding that’s affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Mastic is a trusted brand name that is known for their quality products. With Mastic siding, you can be sure that your home will look refreshed and appealing for a long time to come. Read on to learn more about how Mastic siding can benefit your home.

Low Maintenance

Mastic siding is made of vinyl, which means that it is virtually maintenance-free. You don’t have to worry about needing to make painting, sealing, or caulking adjustments later. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding is resistant to insect and weather damage. Your Mastic siding won’t rot, warp, or deteriorate. Plus, since it comes in a variety of colors to choose from, you don’t have to worry about painting it or re-painting it down the road. The only maintenance that you are encouraged to perform on your Mastic siding is gently hosing it off every once in a while during the warmer seasons. For tougher spots, you can use soap, water, and a scrub brush to get your Mastic siding looking just like new. Easy!


Many homeowners turn to Mastic siding as an affordable and practical choice. Mastic siding is less expensive than other siding materials and it requires less time to install, resulting in inexpensive installation costs. However, just because it is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it doesn’t look great! Mastic siding can improve your home’s return on investment by making it look fresh, new, and aesthetically pleasing. Many prospective home buyers will look for vinyl siding because they want a home that has durable, long-lasting siding that looks good over time, even with little maintenance.


Mastic siding has a large variety of styles to suit the unique personality of your home. Choose from lap, beaded, board and batten, shakes, shingles scallops, fish scales, half clove, hexagon and more. There are over 350 Mastic siding colors to choose from, along with a multitude of finishes, custom trim, and accessories. Mastic siding can be customized to fit your personal needs. Have a look at our Mastic siding page to learn more.

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