When Do I Need to Replace My Siding?

Oftentimes, homeowners tend to be more concerned with remodeling the inside of their homes rather than the outside. After all, that’s what they are actually looking at and living in most of the time. However, exterior renovations can be just as important as interior, if not more so. One of the biggest undertakings when it comes to remodeling the exterior of your home is replacing the siding. Along with being the biggest, it also can be one of the most expensive. So how do you know when it’s necessary? Read on to find out!


One of the biggest undertakings when it comes to remodeling the exterior of your home is replacing the siding.

It’s Damaged

Probably the easiest way to tell if it’s time for new siding is if your current siding is damaged in some way. With your siding being outdoors, constantly exposed to the elements of nature, there’s a strong chance that over the years, some sort of damage has occurred. Some of the most common forms of damage are:

  • Dry rot – Besides being ugly, dry rot can weaken your siding and cause it to begin to decompose
  • Cracked – If there are many cracked places all around your home, it’s probably a good idea to replace it all rather than just a few pieces. Too many cracks allow water to get in places it shouldn’t be.
  • Loose – Loose siding just can’t properly protect your home. This may have happened due to poor installation, or potentially wind damage.
  • Bubbling or blistered – This problem is also usually caused by poor installation and is made worse by excessive heat or moisture.

It’s Just Ugly!

Believe it or not, your siding is going to be the first thing people notice when they drive up to your home. Don’t you want to give a good first impression to neighbors and friends? The following things might be a sign that your siding could use a makeover:

  • Color – Look around your neighborhood: If you could give someone directions to your home based solely on the color of the siding, that might be a sign it’s outdated.
  • Faded – Faded siding has reached the end of its lifespan and is at an all time low in terms of its strength. Besides that, it’s an eyesore!
  • Constantly restained or repainted – If you find yourself constantly repainting or restaining your siding to keep it looking attractive, why not just replace it? Put that money towards a long-term solution instead!

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