Kitchen Trends to Watch for 2016

kitchen trends

Muted pastels will be a popular color choice for kitchens in 2016.

2016 is slated to be an exciting year for kitchens! Old trends are out the window, while new trends are on the horizon. Some of the new trends even incorporate old interior design trends from the 80s with a modern twist. 2016 is bound to be a fun year for interior design; make sure you’re in the know so that your kitchen stays up-to-date and stylish!


Pantone surprised everyone this year by picking two colors for their Color of the Year for 2016. The two colors they chose are the charming pink “Rose Quartz” and the dusty blue “Serenity”. Pantone stated that these color choices are meant to reflect our need for tranquility and relaxation. Other designers have predicted gentle color palettes for kitchens in 2016. Buff colors and muted pastels are predicted to be the predominant paint choices for kitchen cabinetry. The all-white, sterile kitchens of the past will be replaced by soft, relaxing tones.


Convenience is going to be a big focus in kitchen cabinetry in 2016. Built-in ports and spaces for electronics, like smartphones and tablets, are something to look for in kitchen cabinetry. Other state-of-the-art kitchen appliances will also become more popular, like steam ovens, built-in wine coolers, and built-in coffee machines.


As suggested from the relaxing color tones projected for 2016 kitchens, simplicity will also be a huge theme. Simple colors and cabinetry designs will dominate the interior design market. A great way to achieve simplicity and relaxation in the kitchen is to install large windows. Large windows allow more sunlight to enter the kitchen, which brings out subtle color palettes. Large windows also encourage meditation and reflection, which is likely to be a big theme of 2016.

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