Choosing the Right Replacement Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Window

Replacement windows will make your kitchen bright and fresh!

Kitchen windows looking a little old and grimy? Or do you just need an update for your kitchen to make it look brighter and more inviting? Capital Remodeling can help. We have a variety of different replacement windows to choose from to make your kitchen look bright, fresh, and welcoming.

Bay Window

A great option for letting the beauty of the outdoors into your kitchen, a bay window is large and impressive. Bay windows consist of three large surfaces that extend out of your kitchen, with the middle window being the biggest and giving you a great view. You have the choice of selecting double hungs, casements or pictures for the side windows. Let more sunlight into your home this winter, and enjoy the new spring flowers right outside your kitchen after the snow thaws. A bay window is a unique feature in any kitchen, making it look bigger and brighter.

Bow Window

A bow window is very similar to a bay window, only its panels are all a uniform width, rather than having a picture panel in the middle. Our bow windows come in three to five panels and also extrude from the kitchen. Getting a bow window is almost like getting an addition to your kitchen; it adds space, light, and energy to your space. With our Great View bow windows, you have numerous options for style and functionality.


We offer two types of slider windows: the two-part and the three-part slider. A slider window is great for windows that have a greater width than height. Our slider windows are equipped with brass rollers that make the sashes slide easily back and forth. The three-part slider is so similar to a bay window that it is also known as a “flat bay window”. This unique variation on the three-panel window style offers a stable center picture window, just like the bay. This gives you a great view, and works well for watching kids or grandkids playing outside of the kitchen. When it is time to call them in for dinner, you can slide either of the smaller side panels to open them. Talk about style and functionality!

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