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How Windows Can Reduce Incoming Noise

How Windows Can Reduce Incoming Noise

Your windows are a portal to the outside world, but the outside world can also get in through your windows. How can you keep excess noise from disrupting the serenity of your refuge?

Our modern world is becoming increasingly noisy. Your home should be a refuge from all that noise. Your windows are a portal to the outside world, but the outside world can also get in through your windows. How can you keep excess noise from disrupting the serenity of your refuge? Here is some more information about how you can use your windows to reduce incoming noise.

Close Them Properly

The first step to making sure your windows can block out noise is to close them properly. Once you close the windows, you should lock them too. Locking windows can prevent any possible gaps in the seals. Also, once closed properly, a window can form another obstacle between the annoying noise and your ears. Walls and ceilings can also form an obstacle for sound to get around, but sound can penetrate most easily through an open window.

Consider Double-Paned Windows

Have you thought about replacing your windows? Consider upgrading to double-paned windows. Did you know there is a scale that measures how well a window can deflect noise? This scale is known as the Sound Transmission Class. The higher score a window has, the better it is at preventing unwanted sounds from entering your home. A double-paned window has an average STC score of 29, although that score falls in a range somewhere between 26 and 32. While it may be a more expensive option, double-paned windows are also worth it.

Add More Curtains

Looking to reduce as much as noise as possible? Add more curtains! Curtains aren’t the only way you can muffle sound in a room, either. Go all out when you make decorative choices. Rugs, carpets, curtains, and houseplants all serve to help decrease the amount of noise in a room. Even if the window already has a curtain, add another one. Normal curtains, also known as window treatments, are typically made of cotton or linen. While attractive, they only provide a small amount of relief from noise pollution. Look for drapes with both a panel on the inside of the window and a panel on the outside. Simply pull back your upgraded curtains when you want more light, and close them again when you don’t. Whenever it’s time for bed, all you have to do is close them again and less noise will come in.

Consider Special Techniques

There are some special techniques that go into manufacturing a window. Argon gas is a type of gas filler that can be used to add insulation, which not only improves energy efficiency but can help block noise too. Glazing is another method where the glass of the window can be insulated against light and noise.

More insulation can help, but here are some other measures that you can use to reduce noise:

  • Mend any gaps or leaks that you may find.
  • Upgrade the siding materials used on the exterior of your home.
  • Try some other sources of soothing indoor noise that can cancel out exterior noise.

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