Window Vocabulary Part 2 – The Most Popular Types of Windows

Window Vocabulary

Let’s learn what picture window means, plus more tidbits about window vocabulary!

Last week on this blog, we discussed the merits of energy efficient windows. In that same entry, we touched on some basic window vocabulary. In this installment of the blog, we thought we would continue that theme. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular types of windows.

Let’s Learn More Window Vocabulary

Double-Hung Windows: Double-hung windows are positioned vertically in their frames. They are known as double-hung because they have two sashes. The sashes slide up and down and pass each other. These windows are often mounted inside a balance made out of vinyl. Another wonderful feature of these windows is that they can be tilted for easier removal and cleaning.

Single-Hung Windows: Despite the name, single-hung windows are actually double-hung as well. However, the main difference is that single-hung windows only have one sash that can be moved. This sash is at the top of the window and is set in place.

Two-Part Slider Windows: A two-part slider window is also similar to its double and single hung cousins. Slider windows can have two or more fixed sashes. But they can also have another sash that can be moved horizontally. These windows are especially useful when there is a tight space just outside the window in question.

Picture Windows: Picture windows are meant to be wide windows that don’t provide ventilation. However, they allow the maximum possible view out of a window. Because of their size, picture windows can offer little to no obstructions when it comes to looking through them. They may be fixed in place, but they are also great for energy efficiency.

Definitions for Window Components

Sashes: Although we’ve mentioned sashes, did you know the frames holding windows and sashes in place also have their own words? Stiles are what the sides of windows are called, while the top and bottom parts of the window are known as rails.

Window Capping: Also known as cladding, window capping is aluminum attached to the outside of the window. It helps exterior trim age better, too. Best of all, it is low maintenance.

Window Spacers: Window spacers are meant to go in between the glazing of window panes, to provide additional insulation.

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