5 Signs It’s Time for New Windows

new windows

Replacing your windows has several very noticeable benefits.

How do you tell if it’s time for new windows? There are several tell-tale signs that may reveal your home is ready for replacement windows. New replacement windows can last up to 20 years after installation! So, although you may be sad to see your old windows go, you’ll be making an investment in the future of your home. Here are a few warning signs to look out for that indicate your home is ready for new windows.

Your Windows are Damaged, Warped, or Broken

This is a pretty obvious sign that you need new windows. Some homeowners will attempt to repair a damaged, warped, or broken window, but opting for a full replacement is often the choice that will yield long-term benefits.

Your Energy Bill is through the Roof

Looking to put a cap on your energy bill? Replacement windows can decrease your energy bill by 10-25%! A surprising exchange of air can occur at the threshold of a drafty window. Replacement windows are engineered to contain inside temperatures.

Your Home Needs a Makeover

One of the most striking ways you can improve the appearance of your home is to install new windows. This is because windows have an impact on both the outside and inside of your home. Plus, with our NEAT glass technology and tilting window panes, keeping your windows meticulously clean is almost effortless!

You were Hit by a Severe Storm

Older windows just don’t have the same capacity to take on severe weather that new windows do. Even if you just live near a coastal area, the abrasion of sea salt can have a corrosive effect on your windows. It’s a good idea to plan ahead by installing stronger replacement windows.

You’re Renovating a Historic Home

Did you know that replacement windows come in different styles that can complement the look of a historic home? Installing the right replacement windows can ensure that you retain the charm of your historic home without sacrificing the comforts and benefits that replacement windows provide.

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