How Do Window Sizes Affect the Replacement Process?

How Do Window Sizes Affect the Replacement Process?

Believe it or not, window sizes are not standardized.

Believe it or not, window sizes are not standardized. Although every style of window is manufactured differently, individual windows are not held to the same size specifications each time one is made. You will need to have your replacement windows sized to fit in the openings you have available. The listed window sizes serve to give you an idea of how large a window should be. That said, not all windows are created equal.

Why Aren’t Window Sizes Standardized?

Don’t forget that your existing windows and replacement windows must fit their designated opening correctly. By verifying this, you can also ensure your family will be safer and more comfortable no matter how old or new your current home is. When it’s time to size up your replacement windows, here’s what you should keep in mind:

When Your Home Was Built: The first factor to consider is when your home was built. Different decades will have different design choices, so the window sizes will most likely vary accordingly. The window sizes that were popular back then might not be anymore.

How Old Is It?: How old your is your home? This measurement differs from when it was first built. The windows, frames, and siding will all start to wear down given enough time. This deterioration can also affect the size of the openings available for your replacement windows.

Style: The style or aesthetic of your home will also affect the type and size of the replacement windows you can install.

Replacements: The replacement windows you are looking for might be manufactured differently than the old windows you currently have. As such, they might not be an exact fit.

What Does This Mean?

Just because window sizes can vary and are subject to change, that doesn’t mean you should change your mind about getting replacement windows. When you order a custom replacement window from the experts at Capital Remodeling, we will ensure it fits and becomes a gorgeous new part of your home.

What To Do Next

You could always decide to measure and replace your windows on your own, but we strongly recommend that you consult the professionals at Capital Remodeling instead. Whether you want a bow window, sliding replacement windows, or arched windows, we can help.

Replacement Windows from Capital Remodeling

Capital Remodeling is ready to transform and secure your home this winter with affordable and durable replacement windows that are the best you’ll find. With our quality replacement window options and remodeling services, affordable prices, and flawless customer service, you will love the end-result. If you’re ready for a free quote, visit us online or give us a call at 1-1-800-300-6780 (800-472-2748). If you’d like to see our previous projects, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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