Why We Love Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass doors

We love sliding glass doors and you will, too!

More and more homeowners are taking advantage of outdoor living trends in order to enjoy their connection with nature. Being outside is good for the human body; sunlight provides vitamin D and fresh air helps us to breathe easier. Studies have even been proven that seeing plants and trees helps people to feel more relaxed and de-stressed. So, when you’re not taking a walk, swimming in the pool, or grilling in your outdoor kitchen, then why not bring nature back indoors with you with sliding glass doors? There’s a reason that more and more homeowners have been renovating their homes with sliding glass doors. Here are three of the biggest benefits you’ll notice from installing new sliding glass doors in your home.

Natural Light

The average sliding door is composed mostly of glass. This large glass surface area allows the maximum amount of sunlight to shine into the home. Allowing more sunlight and a better view of the outside into the home is a great way to help us maintain our connection with nature, even after we retreat back into the house at the end of the day. From inside the home, you can clearly see the natural progression of daytime to nighttime, which helps to keep the body’s inner clock regulated. Plus, large panels of glass have the effect of making a room seem larger, so not only are sliding glass doors good for your mood, they’re also good for your interior design.

Fresh Air

Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and sliding open the glass doors to let in the fresh, cool air and sounds of nature. When the weather does not permit open doors, you can rest easy knowing that the glass of your sliding doors is strongly sealed and designed to be energy efficient.

Secure Access

One of the great things about sliding doors is how they seamlessly make the patio seem like an extended part of the home. No one needs to hold the door open for you as you carry heavy trays of food outside for a family dinner on the patio. Just as sliding doors open up the home to the outside, they can also close up the home at night after everyone has gone to bed. Sliding doors can be locked to prevent intrusion. This creates a handy and secure pathway into and out of the home.

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