3 Alternative Uses for a Garden Bay Window

garden bay window

A garden bay window has many different uses.

A garden bay window is a charming addition to any home. Shaped as a box with glass on four sides, a garden window essentially acts as a built-in, indoor greenhouse for potted plants. Many homeowners have fallen in love with their garden windows that foster miniature potted gardens. But what else can a garden bay window be used for? We have a few ideas.

Display Collections

Do you have a collection of Willow Tree figurines or Peaceful Moments figurines? Or do you collect antique tea sets or graniteware? Garden bay windows are great places for displaying the things you care about. Figurines or dishes made of glass or crystal look particularly stunning in a garden window with light shining through on all sides.

Additional Shelving

Do you have a small kitchen? Installing a garden bay window is a smart way to maximize your shelving space. The garden window protrudes outwards from the home, adding an extra surface without taking up any additional space. You can store your wine glasses on your garden window or set up your coffee maker, fresh coffee, filters, sugar, and mugs to create a designated coffee station.

Book Nook

A garden window is a convenient place to store your cookbooks. Not only will they be easy to reach, they’ll also be on display, which gives your kitchen a cozy atmosphere. Getting your cookbooks off your counter and neatly organized in a garden window also helps to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Pet Bed

Does your cat like to sleep near you? Installing a garden window in your bedroom, office, or other room where you spend a lot of time is a great way to make room for your cat. Simply put a pet bed on the shelf inside the window to create a comfy and secluded place where your cat can nap. Your cat will surely love the extra sunlight and enticing view that a garden window affords as well!

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