What Should You Know About Muntin Bars?

What Should You Know About Muntin Bars?

If you live in Washington DC, or in the areas around the city, you might have already seen muntin bars.

If you live in Washington DC, or in the areas around the city, you might have already seen muntin bars. Then again, you might not know what they are called, even if you know them by sight. Muntin bars split up window panes into smaller sections. You might have seen windows with a visually-striking grid pattern. These are the muntin bars. What should you know about them?

Muntins vs. Mullions

First of all, how do muntins differ from mullions? It’s a common misconception that these two window decorations are in fact the same thing. Muntins are attached to a single window, whereas mullions are thicker bars that provide space between one window and the one beside it. These windows could be casement or double-hung model that are next to each other. Do you need a replacement for either a casement window or a double-hung window? When you know the difference between muntins and mullions, it makes looking for a replacement window so much easier.

What is a Simulated Muntin Bar?

Next, you may be wondering what a simulated muntin bar is. It may come as a surprise that there are true muntin bars and simulated muntins bars. During the earliest days of window production, creating larger window panes was a complex problem that was almost too great of a challenge. Instead, smaller windows panes were assembled and then connected with muntin bars before being set into a window frame. These were the true muntin bars. Simulated muntins, on the other hand, are created for modern windows. Since current windows can be manufactured as a single pane of glass, the grilles that form the bars are attached to mimic the look of what is known as a divided-light window. This process is typically done for stylistic reasons.

Different Windows, Different Muntin Bars

Depending on the style of windows you have in your home, you could choose from several different types of muntin bars. What are they?

Removable: Some muntins can snap onto the window sash, and just as quickly snap off. If you want to keep your divided-light-windows looking great, you should invest in removable muntins. After all, they make cleaning the window a breeze.

Inside the glass: Do you have double-pane windows? Then you might be able to accommodate muntin bars set inside the glass. Not only do these bars help lend a divided-light look, but they also help make the window easier to clean, as well.

Simulated: You could also have muntin bars inside and outside of the glass. These bars mimic the look of divided-light but are not removable, as they are attached to a spacer bar set in between the separate panes of glass.

Muntin Bars and More from Capital Remodeling

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