Preventing Air and Water Leaks in Doors and Windows

Preventing Air and Water Leaks in Doors and Windows

Air leaks in doors and windows are a frequent cause of skyrocketing energy costs.

The official start of fall is getting closer every day. Temperatures are dropping while the wind rises. Soon enough, every day will be rainy. Is your home ready for constant wind and rain? How would you know? If you haven’t inspected your home for possible leaks lately, there is no better time than now. Here are some useful tips for finding air and water leaks in doors and windows, and how to prevent these leaks.  

Checking for Air Leaks

Air leaks in doors and windows are a frequent cause of skyrocketing energy costs. Luckily, determining where these air leaks come from is easier than you might expect. Start the search for air leaks by doing the following:

  • Close up all outside openings – lock your doors and windows. You should also shut your skylights if you have them.
  • Next, close any dampers or vents that might still be open.
  • Find the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom, and then turn them off.
  • Light a stick of incense and visit each opening of your home with the incense. If any air is coming in from outside, the flame should flicker violently. Just be careful when following this step that you don’t accidentally cause a larger fire!

Examining Doors

Sometimes, you might have to replace your current door. But until then, you should find out if your door is still in good shape. Here are some ways to examine your door for any possible leaks:

  • Look for any cracks in the door. These cracks, however small, could be allowing air and water to seep inside.
  • Double check weather stripping for any signs of peeling or cracking. Are there any gaps in the weather stripping that you can see?
  • Be sure to tighten the hinges and make the doors fit snugly on their thresholds.

Finding Window Problems

Along with doors and skylights, you should also inspect your windows for any potential leakage issues. What are some possible causes of these problems?

  • Gaps in closed windows
  • Rotting window frames
  • Crumbling caulk
  • Damaged glass
  • Inability to fully close

Now then, here are some ways to find problems with your windows:

  • Shake your windows. If you hear a rattling sound, it means the frames are no longer stable. Air can escape, and rain can come in. Condensation shouldn’t be a big problem, but if there are holes in your windows, it can become one.
  • Check window panes for signs of cracking.
  • Make sure latches and locks work correctly, especially for double-hung windows.

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