Tips for Making Your Windows Hurricane-Proof

Tips for Making Your Windows Hurricane-Proof

How can you make your windows hurricane-proof and protect your home from damage?

As Hurricane Harvey leaves its lasting mark and Hurricane Irma is on approach, it’s time to think about how to protect your home and family. How can you make your windows hurricane-proof? It’s easier than you might think. The mere thought of an oncoming hurricane can be terrifying enough, but it’s even scarier when you think about the damage a hurricane can do to your home’s structure, and not just its windows. Here are some great tips for how to reinforce your windows.

Use Hurricane Window Film

You may be unfamiliar with hurricane window film. However, this durable and transparent material is a popular choice mainly because it is practically invisible. After installing it, you don’t have to take it down again, no matter what time of year it is. In the event of glass shattering due to hurricane-force winds, the window film will prevent the broken glass from damaging anything or hurting anyone inside your home. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, it’s easy and inexpensive to install hurricane-protectant window film by yourself. Why else should you consider hurricane window film? It can protect your carpets and other fabrics from ultraviolet-light-inflicted sun damage.

If you choose to use hurricane window film, there are two factors to keep in mind. First, using these films may void your window warranty, so be sure to check with the window manufacturer to see if this would be case. Second, although using hurricane window film can protect the window itself, window frames may still be vulnerable. Because of this possible vulnerability, you should reinforce the frames with some plywood as well.

Protect Windows with Plywood

Plywood is one of the most dependable materials there is when it comes to home improvement. Plywood also excels at providing additional protection against storm damage. How can you use it?

  • Cut out sheets that are either ½ or ⅝ inches thick. Overlap the frames by at least eight inches.
  • Add screws or anchors to make emergency installation easier.
  • Keep your plywood shields in easy reach
  • Keep flashlights and spare batteries at the ready, since your home will be dark once your plywood is set up. 

Consider Storm Shutters

Next, consider using storm shutters as well. Roll-up or accordion shutters are easy to use once you know a major storm is on its way. To prevent damage to your home, such as shattered windows, just pull the shutters into place before the storm hits.

Experiment with Impact-Resistant Glass

Lastly, try experimenting with impact-resistant glass for your windows. When you choose this glass, there is no need for further installation procedures. This glass can withstand anything thrown around by a hurricane. These windows are primarily two panes of tempered glass connected by a plastic film. Because they are available in standard shapes and sizes, they won’t be outwardly noticeable or otherwise aesthetically displeasing.


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