Tips for Cleaning a Double Hung Window

Tips for Cleaning a Double Hung Window

You might not know what you’re doing when you need to clean a double hung window.

Before you think about repairing or replacing your windows, maybe all they need is a thorough cleaning. However, you might not know what you’re doing when you need to clean a double hung window. Although it’s best to leave this in the hands of the professionals, here are some handy tips that you can try following on your own first.

Clean the Inside

Double check your windows to see if you can remove the grilles. If you can, then take the time to move the grilles out of the way before you get started. However, you’ll want to leave the grille clips where they are. After you’ve done that, clean your windows with some glass cleaner and paper towels. One of the advantages of double-hung windows is that they are much easier to clean than other types of windows are.  

Clean the Outside

The next step is to clean the outside of the double hung window. Get started by working on the lower sash of the window. Unlock the window and push it up – but you don’t need to open it all the way, only two inches or so will do the trick. Find the wash assist tabs that are on both sides of the frame. Move the wash assist tabs until you can position them between the frame and the sash. Then you’ll need both hands for the next step. Pull on the lower sash with the wash assist tabs and keep tugging until the sash starts to move towards you. Then balance the sash on a chair or other nearby piece of furniture that can support the weight of the double hung window. Even so, you won’t want to tilt the sash too far – if you go more than 90 degrees you run the risk of damaging it.    

Clean the Upper Sash

Leave the lower sash where it is for the time being. Put the wash assist tabs back where they usually go, and then you can reach the wash assist tabs for the upper sash. Keep the two sashes at least an inch apart. Slide the second set of wash assist tabs inwards and keep pulling the sash then keep sliding it so that it sits comfortably on top of its counterpart. Cleaning both sashes has never been easier.  

What to Do After

Return the sashes to their original positions and then replace the grilles.

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