Spend Your Tax Refund on New Windows!

tax refund new windows

Replacement windows are an investment that pay you back over time.

Tax season has come and gone, which means…it’s tax refund season! Some people prefer to put their tax refund in their savings account, but you can make your refund stretch by investing it! And what’s better than investing in your home? Replacing your windows is one of the most valuable things you can do for your home. There are several ways that replacement windows can make the most out of your tax refund.

Energy Savings

Make your dollars work for you by investing in infrastructure that lowers your monthly energy bills! Replacement windows are engineered to keep outdoor temperatures out and indoor temperatures in. This means that no matter what season, you’ll experience lowered energy bills. It’s estimated that homeowners who switch to energy-efficient replacement windows save up to between 25% to 52% on their energy bills! Now that’s what we call maximizing your money.

Home Value

Not only will your energy expenditures go down, but your home value will go up! According to the most recent report from Remodeling Magazine, vinyl replacement windows can have up to a 78% return on investment! This means that you would likely get up to 78% of your initial investment back when you sell your home. Getting replacement windows now means that your tax refund will be working for you in the long run.


Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how substantially replacement windows make a difference in the comfort of the home. You’ll notice less drafts in the winter and less humidity in the summer. A UV coating on the glass of our replacement windows protects furniture from fading. And, unlike some older windows, replacement windows open and close easily and don’t shake and rattle in the wind. Additionally, our windows tilt inwards for easy cleaning, and our NEAT glass technology minimizes that amount of cleaning you have to do. You’ll be so much more comfortable with brand new vinyl replacement windows; and you can’t put a price on comfort!

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