3 Tips for Caring for Vinyl Siding

caring for vinyl siding

Caring for vinyl siding properly will make it last for years!

While vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, that doesn’t mean it never needs a little extra TLC. If your home looks a little worn thanks to the onslaught of pollen, dirt, and grime the spring brings, here are three of our best tips for caring for vinyl siding.

Grab a Cloth and Bucket

Vinyl siding is very easy to maintain, but only if you stay on top of any issues that pop up. Just like any other siding, it gets dirty over time. If your yard has a lot of tree cover or shady and damp areas, it also might develop mold and mildew. Instead of letting build-up accumulate for months until your next weekend devoted to yardwork, tackle the problem as it pops up with a soft cloth and bucket full of vinyl siding-safe cleaner and water. Start at the bottom of the siding and work your way up, rinsing off excess cleaning solution as you go.

Be Proactive Throughout the Year

You wouldn’t place home plate for your backyard baseball game in front of your window, so why are you placing it in front of your vinyl siding? Caring for your vinyl siding means protecting it from unnecessary damage and harm. Anything from a lawnmower to a baseball could hit your vinyl siding and cause cracking or breakage. If not repaired, these cracks could lead to infrastructure damage and water seeping into your home. Caring for vinyl siding properly means paying attention to where you place yard ornaments and where you play outdoor activities.

Put Down the Pressure Washer

Pressure washers can be a great tool if you know how and where to properly use them. Unfortunately, most homeowners who own pressure washers don’t know either of those things! Using a power washer to clean your vinyl siding can totally ruin it if you use the wrong type of cleaner or too much pressure. Before ever attempting to pressure wash your vinyl siding, read through the manufacturer recommendations.

Effortless Vinyl Siding from Capital Remodeling

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