How You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

How You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

New windows can be an excellent way to improve curb appeal and it yields a number of other benefits as well.

Before you know it, spring will be over and summer will be here. As one season starts to wind down and another comes closer, it might be time to give your home a bit of a facelift. New windows can be an excellent way to improve curb appeal and it yields a number of other benefits as well. How do you know that is it time to replace them? Well, here are some of the signs! 

Moisture Buildup 

Condensation might not seem like a big problem. After all, it’s only natural to see some of it stuck to your windows after it rains. Even so, it could be a sign of something much worse than a little bit of excess moisture. You may need to add more insulation, which is one of the steps of replacing a window. If you see signs of moisture damage, it’s not too late! Speak to the friendly team at Capital Remodeling to see what we can do for you!

Not Enough Light 

Another problem you will likely have to contend with is when there isn’t enough natural light in your home. One solution is to add a skylight, but this isn’t practical for every room in the house — typically, these lights are only incorporated into kitchens and bathrooms. Some days are bound to be bright and sunny, while others are gloomy and cloudy. Even so, if you begin to notice that your windows are not allowing enough natural light in, then it could be another sign that you need to replace them. Instead, getting replacement windows is a much more practical way to solve this problem. Determine the shape and size of your window openings, and call Capital Remodeling for a consultation! 

Weakened Frames

At some point, your window frames will start to lose integrity. When this happens, it is a definite sign that you need to replace your windows. For one thing, sagging windows reduce your curb appeal. The glass can even break or shatter during a strong storm, so it’s best to avoid that situation by getting your windows replaced. 

Utility Bills Going Up 

Your utility bills should be going down, not up. If you have seen an upward trend, that’s not a good sign. An increase in your utility bills might be because the seals around your windows have broken, or aren’t as tight as they used to be; using some weatherstripping is a good stopgap measure, but it should only be a temporary fix. Investing in new windows can help you address these issues in a more permanent way.

Excessive Draftiness 

There are still going to be some chilly days in late spring. That said, feeling a draft inside your home is another indicator that something is wrong with your windows. When you feel a draft that shouldn’t be there, it’s a good idea to consider the condition of both your windows and your sliding glass doors! 

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