Comparing Single Hung and Double Hung Replacement Windows

Comparing Single Hung and Double Hung Replacement Windows

If you have been comparing your options, then here is what you should know about single hung and double hung replacement windows.

Not all replacement windows are created equal. That means you have a decision to make. If you have been comparing your options, then here is what you should know about single hung and double hung replacement windows.

Single Hung

A single hung replacement window features two sashes on it. The bottom sash can move vertically, while the top sash is stationary. Many newly-constructed buildings feature single hung windows when they are first built, and then this style is chosen again when those windows need to be replaced after years of service. This is mainly because single hung windows are less expensive than double hung windows. That said, even single hung windows have their limits. They can’t provide your home with as much ventilation. While this helps cut down on the amount of the cold air coming into your home this winter, you’ll want some ventilation to let in fresh air. After all, getting rid of stale air and strong odors can help make your home more comfortable this winter.  You’ll also have a harder time keeping them clean. If cleanliness is an important consideration for you, then double hung windows might be the better option.

Double Hung

When you install double hung replacement windows, you’ll find that both of the sashes can open. Because of this, you’ll have better ventilation for the times you want to let some fresh air in and relieve some of the stuffiness that can come with the winter doldrums. Plus, once spring and summer return, you can feel free to throw the windows wide open and let in all the air and natural light that you want. It’s also much easier to tilt double hung windows open and close, which means that you can clean them more quickly and efficiently. While it might not be too much of a headache on the ground floor, you’ll be glad you chose double hung windows for the other levels of your home – where opening and closing the windows could be more complicated and difficult.

Safety Features

Another aspect of double hung windows that you should consider is the safety features that they have. While single hung windows can also keep your family and pets safe, consider how you can open up the upper segment of the windows and not have to worry about anyone falling out of the window. This is important especially when you need to childproof your home or make it safer for elderly relatives.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Now that you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of these windows, you’ll need to consider your overall budget, how much you value convenience, and how long you want your windows to last before they need maintenance or replacement.

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