Choosing Low-E Glass for Your Replacement Windows

Choosing Low-E Glass for Your Replacement Windows

Now that you’ve decided to install replacement windows, you may be wondering what type of glass you need to use.

When you’re looking for the best replacement windows, you might not be sure what type of window that you want. But now that you’ve decided to install replacement windows, you may be wondering what type of glass you need to use. Here’s how Low-E glass can benefit your home.

What Is It?

Low-E stands for low-emissivity. It is a type of coating that is added to the window glass during the manufacturing process. Low-E glass is the type of glass that uses this coating. Essentially, using Low-E glass in your replacement windows lets in plenty of light while reducing the amount of heat transmission coming in and going out. This function depends on how many layers of Low-E coating the glass has. The different layers of Low-E help control how much ultraviolet light enters your home. It all depends on what you want, and what you need. One potential configuration will allow more natural light in while reducing heat loss.

What Are Some Other Benefits?

One benefit of Low-E glass is that it will protect the carpets on your floors and the other decorations and furnishings wherever you installed replacement windows. Sometimes, you’ll do more than just replace a window in your kitchen or bathroom; you could decide to replace all of your existing windows, in which every room in your home should be protected with low-E glass.

Although you might think the Low-E coating is a tint on the glass, it isn’t. Another benefit of Low-E glass is that it is easy to take care of; your windows will still be clear and easy to see through as long as you keep up the proper maintenance.  

Also, if you are concerned about your home being too chilly in the winter because not enough natural heat comes in, that isn’t as big of an issue as you might believe. Another benefit of Low-E glass replacement windows is that they provide more insulation. Instead of allowing warm air to escape, these windows will start to recirculate the heat instead.

Is It Necessary to Replace My Windows?

Depending on how old your current windows are, it might be time for some replacement windows. Since the 1980s, almost all double-pane windows feature Low-E glass when used as replacement windows. If your home’s exterior hasn’t been updated since then, then you should replace your windows.

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