4 Ways to Maintain Your Vinyl Replacement Windows

4 Ways to Maintain Your Vinyl Replacement Windows

One of the best things about vinyl is how low-maintenance it is. It doesn’t matter if you use it as fencing material or for your replacement windows.

One of the best things about vinyl is how low-maintenance it is. It doesn’t matter if you use it as fencing material or for your replacement windows. Still, low-maintenance doesn’t always mean maintenance-free. Here are some tips on how to make sure your windows last as long as possible.

Take Out the Window Screens

The first thing you need to do is to take out the window screens. While you’re at it, you should also move the window sashes out of the way too. Put them down somewhere flat and clean while you work on the window frames.

Clean the Window Frames

You need to be extra attentive when cleaning the frames for your vinyl replacement windows. Use a gentle soap mixed with some lukewarm water. Then choose a soft, dry cloth or a clean sponge to clean the windows frames with; alternatively, you can also use a brush with soft bristles on it. However, you need to avoid letting the water run down the window to pool on the windowsill. Rinse the soap away with some clean water as you go along. When you’re almost done, you need to dry everything off with the cloth or towel.

Wash the Glass

You must also wash the glass on your replacement windows. Think of the windows like they’re a pair of eyeglasses – it’s hard to see out of them if they are fogged with condensation. For this part of the process, you can use a window cleaning solution, but you can also try making on your own. You need to combine some vinegar and water. Gently spray the glass on your windows and wipe down to avoid leaving unsightly streaks. For best results, you might want to come back a few hours later and wipe down your windows with a clean blackboard eraser. Doing this can get rid of any stubborn streaks that you couldn’t remove earlier.

Clean the Tracks

You’re almost done taking care of your vinyl replacement windows. However, there’s still one more task you need to finish. If the tracks that your windows sit on are dirty, they won’t be able to open and close as easily. That means you’ll need to clean the tracks too. Use a vacuum and a soft brush to get rid of any dirt that you find in the tracks. You might need to cut away anything stuck to the window tracks with a putty knife. Once that’s done you need to add some lubricant to the tracks so that the window doesn’t stick. A silicone spray should do the trick, but don’t spray it directly onto the tracks. By spraying some onto a cloth and then applying the cloth to the tracks, you can avoid any accidental over-spraying that will force you to spend more time cleaning your vinyl replacement windows.

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