Using Double-Paned Glass for Your Replacement Windows

Using Double-Paned Glass for Your Replacement Windows

Before you can decide whether you would like to install double-paned glass in your replacement windows, you need to know what it is.

When it is time to have replacement windows installed, insulation matters. Even though the thought of trapping hot air during a summer heat wave might alarm you, that isn’t the only purpose of insulation. In cold weather, insulation helps keep warm air inside. It works much the same during hot weather and retaining conditioned air.

What Is It?

Before you can decide whether you would like to install double-paned glass in your replacement windows, you need to know what it is. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to understand. Two sheets of glass are inserted into a window frame. The space between them is left for the gas fills that improve the energy efficiency of the windows. Argon and krypton are the two most common gas fills used for this type of glass.

How Double-Paned Replacement Windows Are Different

Although double-paned replacement windows have a higher initial cost than their single-paned counterparts, given enough time, you’ll notice a difference in your energy bill as the cost of heating and cooling for your home begins to drop. Also, single-paned windows only have one sheet of glass in them; this allows much more air and heat to transfer the window. The single pane of glass protects your home against the wind, but it can’t do much else. For your money and replacement windows, double-paned glass provides much better value.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Them?

One noticeable benefit of using double-paned glass for your replacement windows is the boost in energy savings you receive. Even savings of eighteen percent can make a tremendous difference, especially when your energy usage is already higher than normal because you need to run the air conditioning to beat the heat. However, to take full advantage of these energy savings, you must replace every window in your home – just replacing the window in your kitchen or bedroom, for example, won’t be enough.

Another benefit of double-paned glass is that it can help reduce incoming noise pollution. Whether noisy landscaping or hardscaping work is going in your neighborhood, or you live close to a set of train tracks, these external sounds can be immensely distracting and affect your quality of life. You will also be able to decrease the amount of noise that is escaping your home, as well.  

Replacement Windows from Capital Remodeling

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