4 Tips for Securing Your Windows

4 Tips for Securing Your Windows

How can you make sure your home and your family are safe? You can start by making sure your windows are secure.

Halloween is upon us, and on this spooky night, there’s plenty of chances for mischief and mayhem to occur. But how can you make sure your home and your family are safe? You can start by making sure your windows are secure. If you’re unsure of how to do that, just follow these tips.

Ensure They’re Properly Locked

First of all, make sure your windows are properly locked. This step is the most basic measure you can take to increase your home security. Whenever you close your windows or your doors, you should also be sure to lock them even if you are still home. After all, you don’t want unwelcome visitors to come in even when you are home, plus, locked windows and doors can give you peace of mind on any day of the year. Still need to feel safer? We offer night locks. Night locks allow the window to only be opened part of the way and then locked again.

Experiment with Security Glass

Even when your windows are locked, an intruder might still try to force their way in – so what’s the solution to this? You add security glass to your windows. Security glass is much more durable and made from a laminated substance called polyvinyl butyral or PVB. Bricks and crowbars can’t smash through PVB glass, and it’s been proven to withstand hurricane force winds!

Try Using Security Shutters

Another layer of protection you can add is the use of security shutters. Unlike traditional shutters, they completely encase the windows, meaning intruders have no way of even attempting to break the glass. If you plan to be away from home for awhile, security shutters are a good investment. However, even if you don’t plan on traveling, these shutters can provide numerous other benefits, such as decreasing solar heat gain, insulating against external noise, and improving the energy performance of your home.

Consider Using Security Screens

One final decision you could make is to integrate security screens. It is another security measure designed to frustrate anyone trying to break in. Although similar to a traditional window screen meant to keep insects out, these are made from steel and are therefore hard to cut through.

Replacement Windows from Capital Remodeling

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