4 Tips for Childproofing Your Replacement Windows

4 Tips for Childproofing Your Replacement Windows

Your children are going to be inquisitive, which will lead them to play with the curtains and blinds on your replacement windows – which could lead to serious damage.

As beautiful as your replacement windows are now, you will want to make sure they last as long as possible. Your children are going to be inquisitive, which will lead them to play with the curtains and blinds on your replacement windows – which could lead to serious damage. Here are some tips for childproofing your replacement windows.

Install Childproof Locks

Having the right locks on your replacement windows secures your windows. Whether you need a lock on your hand-cranked casement windows, or your sliding windows, there are solutions you can find to make sure that they are childproofed. Another way to do this is to add window guards on your double hung windows.

Double hung windows are tremendous replacement windows that become even more secure with the right locks on them. After all, while you can open the top part of the double hung window, you can leave the bottom one closed. Doing this is especially helpful for when smaller children want to lean against the windows so they can look outside through the window guards.

Put Up Window Guards

Window guards resemble decorative grilles, but they serve a practical purpose as well as an ornamental one. Having these guards will help protect your children, especially if they newborns or toddlers. Since toddlers are learning to become more mobile, it is even more important that you constantly watch them and make sure sure that the window guards work when your children try to open the windows.

Upgrade Your Blinds

You should replace your windows when they get too outdated. Newer windows are also safer than older window models. That said, after you have replacement windows installed, don’t forget to upgrade your window blinds. What this means is that you should get rid of the cords that open and close the blinds and consider going cordless instead. There are also a series of instructional videos you can find online that will help you illustrate your point when you talk to your children about window safety.

Talk to Your Children

One of the simplest ways to childproof your replacement windows is to talk to your children. During this conversation, you should talk to them why they shouldn’t play near or with the windows. Also, make sure that the windows are not crank-operated. While the cranks will make the windows easier to open and close for you, your children might think of them as playthings. Likewise, your replacement windows shouldn’t be too close to any furniture, either. That way, your children won’t be tempted to use the furniture to climb up near the windows if they are already out of reach.

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