Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Windows


Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Windows

Spring is here at last! When you open your windows, blinds, or shades, or curtains you’re letting more light in than before.

Spring is here at last! When you open your windows, blinds, or shades, or curtains you’re letting more light in than before. But the problem is that you could see motes of dust floating around in that sunbeam your cat is napping in. In that case, it’s time for some spring cleaning, but how do you do it? Join us as we find out.

Cleaning Your Blinds

Close your blinds. Gently vacuum your blinds with the appropriate attachments. Start at the top and go down. Then flip your blinds over and attend to the other side. A duster is the best tool for getting anything that the vacuum misses. Depending on the material your blinds are made of, you might even be able to dry clean them. If there are only small traces of dust and dirt, a quick once-over with a damp cloth should clean it well enough.  

Cleaning Your Shades

Unlike with blinds, refreshing your shades is a little different. Start by dusting, then use the vacuum. Vinyl shades can be cleaned with a soft cloth, just don’t use too much pressure or too much water.

Cleaning Drapes

Your drapes are different from your blinds and shades. These window accessories can be hand washable, but inspect the tags for care instructions. Your only options are dry cleaning or vacuuming unless you choose to get replacements instead.

Getting Replacements

Once you finish cleaning your windows, you should be satisfied with how they look. Sometimes, though, they’ll simply be too worn out or too dirty to clean effectively. If that’s the case, you should consider getting replacements instead. But keep these factors in mind when you do:

Safety: If your blinds have cords or strings on them, then it might be high time to get rid of the possible safety risks.

Condition: When you open and close windows and doors several times a day, they’ll start to wear down more quickly. They can also be damaged by curious pets entertaining themselves by attempting to play with the slats covering a sliding glass patio door.

Aesthetic: Keep the aesthetic of the room in mind, too. Whether you’re looking to remodel one room or renovate your entire home this spring, changing up the look of the windows might be enough to get the entire process started.

Personality: Don’t hesitate to make the changes that will reflect who you are.

Replacement Windows from Capital Remodeling

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