Integrating Windows into Your Remodeled Kitchen

Integrating Windows into Your Remodeled Kitchen

Having a window in the kitchen is a fantastic way to let the light into your home.

Having a window in the kitchen is a fantastic way to let the light into your home. You might even decide to go the extra mile and add skylights into the room as well. Did you know that when you start planning a kitchen remodel that you can include windows as well? Here are some tips on how to make this happen. 

Using Multiple Windows 

Count the number of windows in your kitchen. It probably won’t take long, because the chances are good that you only have one. When you remodel your kitchen, you can change that. Pick a focal point in your redesigned kitchen and frame it with windows. That way, it’s easier for your visitors to admire all of the changes you have made, especially if you have replacement windows installed by our team of contractors, and you want to show them off. You can also try this technique with the kitchen sink!

Over the Range Hood

If you decide to frame the sink, then you can try something else with the range hood. In this case, see if you can fuse the range hood and the windows. The range hood will have to be custom-made for this design to work, though. Don’t feel chained to conventional expectations of how your kitchen should look – it’s your renovation, so take it to the limit!  

Bridging the Cabinets 

Storage space is the bedrock of any functional kitchen. When you have nowhere to put dishes, pots, pans, or cutting boards, then it can make preparing delicious meals a chore – that’s because you won’t have any prep space, which can be understandably frustrating. One way to upgrade your kitchen is to add more cabinets and shelving options. Incorporate the cabinets above the sink, especially if you have a dual-faucet sink with two basins. Doing this allows you to have more storage space and move food debris directly into the sink as well!

Adding Window Sashes

Adding sashes to a window gives it a splash of color. You can also use decorative glasswork, although the sashes won’t be as delicate. In case you only have room for one window, adding window trim can make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

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