Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

One of those details? Finding a new kitchen backsplash. Let’s find out how to do this.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a lot of fun. After all, you get to choose details that you never thought you would have any control over when you first moved into your current home. One of those details? Finding a new kitchen backsplash. Let’s find out how to do this. 

Try Different Colors and Materials 

One idea is to play around with color palettes and material types that are available to you. This task is easier to do than it sounds. Before you go ahead and make big changes, compare samples to see how well the light plays on them and if you like how the new-look backsplashes compare or contrast with the rest of the kitchen. 

During this part of the process, you need to think about your countertops along with the fixtures like the sink, the faucet, and the lighting. All of these factors come together to make your kitchen more breathtaking than it was before, but don’t think you need to make a dramatic makeover happen inside a matter of weeks or months. You can take your time, and as long as you have an excellent partner, such as the team here at Capital Remodeling, you can make all of your dreams come true! 

Look at the Sink and Stove 

The next step is to look at the sink and stove more closely. The purpose of a backsplash is to help protect the walls against liquid damage – either from water, soap scum, or cooking oils and grease. Since there is more wall space by the sink and the stove, this is known as the so-called “high impact zone” that allows you to experiment with different types of tiles before you settle on one that you like the best.  

Think About Your Budget 

During all of this, you must also think about how your budget will change over time. Choosing a classic plain tile can help you save money in your budget and reassign those resources to something else, like focusing on the grout. You may have to make some compromises and sacrifices in order to proceed. Get the most durable materials that you can.  

Mistakes to Avoid 

There are some mistakes that you should strive to avoid. For instance, make sure that the primary field tile is thicker than the ones you are planning to use for decoration. Overlooking the trim is another mistake, as different types of trim and molding accompany various types of tile. Be sure that the tile is also in stock, so you won’t lose time waiting for the materials that you need.  

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