Ways to Improve Your Kitchen’s Storage

Ways to Improve Your Kitchen’s Storage

If you are stuck on ideas for how to improve your kitchen’s storage, then take a look at some of these suggestions.

You probably plan on doing plenty of cooking this summer. Even if the next major holiday doesn’t occur until the end of summer – when Labor Day rolls around –  upgrading your kitchen can be an ongoing process. If you are stuck on ideas for how to improve your kitchen’s storage, then take a look at some of these suggestions.

Places to Put Small Appliances

Finding a place to put all of your smaller appliances can save valuable counter space. This is even more helpful when you have several devices that you don’t use every single day. Think about how the garage at your home works – it can double as a storage space and not just as a haven for your vehicles and bikes. That’s why you can upgrade your kitchen to include a “garage” or a specially-built cabinet for your appliances. Once the appliances are stored there, you can take them out at your leisure. This makes them easier to use and avoids any damage to the wooden cabinets due to steam escaping from a coffee maker or electric kettle or heat from a pop-up toaster.  

An Expanded Pantry

A bigger pantry allows you to keep all of the groceries out of sight. That’s because you can pull out the shelves when you need them and slide back into place once you have collected what you need to use.

A Drawer for the Microwave

Another idea is to use a microwave built into your new kitchen island. This design can also help to increase storage since you can clear off more counter space and leave room for preparing food next to the stove, especially if you prefer the newer microwave to the one that you had before. This transformation allows you to get rid of the old microwave and save even more space that way.  

A Mixer Stand That Pulls Out

If you love to bake, then you know how much easier the process is when you have a stand mixer in your kitchen. Unfortunately, this can put a severe strain on your storage space. One possible solution is to choose a mixer stand that can pull out from the cabinet stand when you need it.

Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are used to keep food warm when it’s not time to serve it, but you don’t want to reheat anything in the microwave. Since warming drawers add a layer of convenience you didn’t have before, it is well worth the investment to have one added to your remodeled kitchen. Besides, it frees up your counter for the next time you want to make something, and even when the warming drawer isn’t actually in use, it can be another storage space in your kitchen.

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