Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling: Peninsulas and Islands

Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling: Peninsulas and Islands

Once you’ve decided that you would like to give your kitchen a facelift, you have many choices to make.

When it comes to home improvements, one of the best ideas is to consider kitchen remodeling. However, once you’ve decided that you would like to give your kitchen a facelift, you have many choices to make. One of those decisions is if you would like to have a peninsula or an island. Let’s look at some of the differences.


It’s easy to assume that peninsulas and islands are the same things. They are not, in geographical terms, and this isn’t necessarily true in kitchen remodeling terms, either. Islands are freestanding and have four sides, but the peninsula has one open side and is attached to the wall it stands next to; however, peninsulas don’t always need to be attached to a wall. The peninsula is a part of the existing kitchen structure, while islands are regarded as something on their own. Choosing one or the other ultimately comes down to how much space you have available and what your lifestyle is like.

Space Considerations

Both kitchen remodeling ideas can make a drastic difference. Not only can they change the look and feel of your kitchen, but they can also become the focal points if you want them to do that. Islands are a much better choice if you need lots of room in your kitchen, especially if plan on entertaining multiple guests throughout the spring and summer. You can have more seats available and more prep space, and easy access to cabinets that you may need. When space is at a premium, a peninsula might be a better idea. Compared to islands, they fit better in kitchens that feature a U-shape or an L-shape.

Design Options

Islands open up all kinds of opportunities when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. A unified look is one option since you can have the island blend in with all of the other surfaces. However, you can also use your new island to provide a pleasant contrast. This is not to say that a peninsula isn’t just as versatile, but with an island, you can start the transition into the next room.

The Seating

One last thing to think about is the seating. When you want an island, you’ll also have to make sure there is enough room for people to move around behind the chairs. Legroom isn’t the only relevant consideration, either. Storage is a necessity that you can’t overlook, and to that end, the drawers and cupboards on the island need to be deep enough to hold whatever you want to put inside them.

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