Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Choosing a Brand New Sink

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Choosing a Brand New Sink

Getting a new sink in your kitchen isn’t hard – but you have to have the right team working with you.

Do you need a new sink? Home improvement never ends, and part of that is to transform your kitchen. Getting a new sink in your kitchen isn’t hard – but you have to have the right team working with you. Let’s find out more

The Overmount or Undermount 

The first decision you should make is to choose either an overmount sink or an undermount sink. Size, depth, dividers, and materials all affect your choices of what sink you ultimately want to have. Where should your sink be, and how should it connect to the countertop around it? These questions are also crucial to answer before you can continue. The overmount sinks are attached to a hole in the countertop and feature a rim that holds it steady against the countertops nearby. Meanwhile, the undermount is, as the name implies, mounted underneath the sink. This means that the edges of the counters remain exposed instead of being covered.

The level of renovation you put your kitchen through depends on what you want to accomplish. The materials of your countertops make a difference when it comes to the type of sink that you can install in your new-look kitchen. For example, wood or laminate countertops require you to use an overmount sink to protect them against moisture damage. Meanwhile, stone, granite, composite, or various other materials that can resist water allow you to add an undermount sink during your kitchen remodeling project.   

Choosing Materials 

The materials you choose will affect both aesthetics and maintenance. If your kitchen sink is going to be full of dishes quite often, then you will probably want to invest in stainless steel. You might also be able to use composite materials as a substitute for stainless steel as well. 

Divided Sinks?

If you have a single bowl sink, you might want to change things up. After all, it might have outlived its usefulness by now. Making it more functional is easier than you might think. Add some drop-in colanders and strainers along with removable bins and sliding cutting boards. This is all made possible by a sink divider that you can attach or balance accessories that aren’t necessarily built-in features. Experiment with sink dividers that can be adjusted as needed. 

Home Improvement by Capital Remodeling

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