How to Use Vinyl Siding in Creative Ways

vinyl siding

Have you considered using vinyl siding to protect your home’s exterior?

As the end of summer and the start of fall approaches, your home might need a new exterior. Have you considered using vinyl siding to protect your home’s exterior? It may not seem like it at first, but you can use vinyl siding in unexpected and imaginative ways to liven up your home.

Alternate the Directions of Your Vinyl Siding

The first technique you can try is installing the vinyl siding in alternating directions. Vinyl is most commonly installed in horizontal patterns, which can, on their own, improve the aesthetic beauty of your home. However, horizontal patterns can make the siding look drab. To alternate the directions of your vinyl siding, have one section run side-to-side, and another section run up-and-down. Mixing and matching directions, colors, and textures could be the key to finding an outstanding look that is second to none, especially in your neighborhood.

Draw the Eye with Exhilarating Colors

Along with changing the directions your siding runs in, consider the colors you’re using. Take advantage of innovations in siding design to find the most eye-catching colors that you can. The best part is, no matter which colors you pick, you can depend on them to stay vibrant in all kinds of weather. If you are an outgoing, cheerful, person you may want to reflect that in your color choices. Try using different shades of reds, blues, yellows, oranges, and greens. Did you know that red-tinted neutral colors can also give off a sense of warmth and coziness? You might find that you prefer colors that blend your home’s exterior with your landscape. In that case, choose paler greens, blues, or pinks.

Mimic Other Exterior Materials

Vinyl is incredibly versatile. In fact, you can even use it mimic the appearance other materials that are frequently used as exteriors. Some examples include wood, stone, and marble.

Consider the Size of Your Vinyl

The size of your vinyl siding matters, too. Some of your siding slats can be wider, and others can be slimmer. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences, and what you what your new siding to look like in the end.

Effortless Vinyl Siding from Capital Remodeling

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