Now is the Time to Fix your Roof!

fix damaged roof

Loose shingles are a definite sign that you need to have your roof inspected and fixed.

We’ve been enjoying a warm transition from fall into winter, which means that you have a little more time to get your roof fixed before it starts snowing! The summer and fall months are the perfect time to get your roof fixed, since it’s more difficult and dangerous to replace a roof in the snow, and by the time the snow melts the damage of an old roof may already be done. So, act now and call Capital Remodeling to prepare your roof for the winter!

Signs of a Damaged Roof

You may be wondering if you really need to get your roof replaced or if it can wait for another year. If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time to call a professional to inspect it and determine if it needs replaced. If you have a newer roof but notice any of these signs, it’s better to act quickly than wait.

  • Visible water damage inside the home
  • Loose shingles in the yard
  • Light shining through the roof
  • Missing or buckling shingles
  • Sagging roof

Protect Your Roof

If you have a damaged roof that you don’t get fixed before winter really sets in, then you are opening your home to the risk of water damage. Snow and ice on your roof slowly melts, and the water penetrates any openings in your roof that it can find. You can make sure that your roof gets the protection it needs by having our team of roofers install new shingles and a new underlayment. You can go with a self-adhering ice and water shield underlayment that will protect your home from ice dams that build up along the edge of your roof and will keep all moisture from penetrating your roof. After the underlayment is applied, we apply the shingles of your choice to keep your roof safe as well as boost your curb appeal. Click here to view our gallery of roof shingle styles.

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