Add Mouldings and Millwork to Your Kitchen Cabinetry for a Touch of Class

cabinetry mouldings millwork

This kitchen has flawless incorporation of crown mouldings, light mouldings, and shoe mouldings.

As the holidays approach, you may be thinking about adding a little something extra to your kitchen to give it an impressive gravitas. Look no further than mouldings and millwork! Mouldings and millwork are the wooden detailing at the top or bottom of cabinetry. Adding or updating the mouldings and millwork of your cabinetry can result in a surprisingly drastic change.

Crown Moulding

A crown moulding is a classic type of moulding that is often used to finish the top of a set of cabinetry. Though crown mouldings are often used throughout many homes, rather than being hackneyed and overused, they are quite the opposite: crown mouldings evoke a timeless, regal feel in any home. They also work to give the impression that your kitchen is bigger and your ceilings are taller. You really can’t go wrong with crown mouldings.


Just as a crown moulding can be installed to conceal the unfinished tops of cabinetry, so can a valance conceal the unfinished space on the bottoms of your cabinets. A valance shares the ornateness of a crown moulding but differs in that it is smaller and on the bottom of your cabinetry rather than the top. You can combine a nice valance trim with some undercabinet lighting to achieve a very classy effect known as a “light moulding”.

Shoe Moulding

Moving on to the bottom of your cabinets, you’ve probably noticed that you have a toe kick board between your cabinets and the floor. You can add flair to this often-neglected space by installing shoe mouldings. A shoe moulding is a moulding that is only on the edges of the cabinetry, connecting the cabinets directly to the floor and leaving the space in between for the toe kick board. Shoe mouldings are especially helpful if you’ve just renovated your kitchen and you need to hide exposed corners of cabinetry. Shoe mouldings make your cabinets look more solid and supported; even though they are at the bottom of your cabinets, they will make your whole kitchen look more impressive!

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