How to Hire the Right Contractor

Right Contractor

The right contractor makes all the difference.

Finding a good contractor for your home remodeling job is a tricky business. There are a lot of things to consider: will your contractor quote you the right price? Do they have a reputation for doing their job well? Will they work with you closely to make sure they’re attending to your needs? There is a process you can take to make sure that you don’t get swindled and left with an expensive, disappointing remodel.

  1. Go Local. A local company is a lot easier to work with, especially if you have an involved project. If questions or problems arise, you’ll want a contracting company who you can get in touch with easily. Capital Remodeling has a local office in each area that we serve, so you can easily talk to someone about your project in person.
  2. Find Out Your Contractor’s Reputation. If you are going with a local business, this may be easier than a long-distance company. If anyone you know has used the company you’re considering, you can ask them about their experience. Look up the company’s history to see other projects they’ve worked on. Finally, you can check out the company’s website and social media sites to read reviews left by other customers.
  3. Find Out If They Use In-House Contractors. Oftentimes, a contracting company will outsource their labor by hiring sub-contracts. When a company hires out their contractors, it means that they don’t have any guarantee on the quality of the contractor’s labor, plus it’s harder for you to get in touch with the right person if something goes wrong. A company that uses in-house contractors, like Capital Remodeling, is able to vet each individual installer, so you know that your contractors are knowledgeable and experienced. Plus, if there are any accidents, it’s easy to get in alert the right person.
  4. Rely on Your Claim Professional’s Estimate. If you get an estimate from your contractor that seems too good to be true, it’s best to get it double-checked by a contractor’s insurance claim professional. Your contractor might be leaving things out that will add expense later on. Also be wary if your contractor is trying to push temporary fixes on you. These fixes may be cheaper, but they’ll cost more in the long run. Companies that carry trusted name brand solutions, like our Great View windows, are more likely to give you a higher quality remodel.

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