Are Your Windows Ready for Storm Jonas?

Cat and Storm Window

Having energy-efficient windows will keep the inside of your home cozy and warm during Storm Jonas!

This weekend is going to see an historic snowfall in Maryland. Are your windows ready? If your windows are old or cracked, then you risk having a seriously drafty home. The high winds of storm Jonas means that there may be some power outages during the storm. If you are using a woodstove or fireplace to keep warm until electricity is restored, the last thing you want is for that precious warm air to escape through your windows. Here are the reasons that having replacement windows can benefit you during a Maryland snowstorm.

Save Energy During the Storm

This one is the most obvious. Of course, new, energy-efficient windows help to trap warm air in the home and block cool air from entering the home. This means that you have lower energy bills and can conserve heat during a weather emergency. Energy-efficient windows have an argon gas filling that helps to prevent frost from forming on windows. They also have multiple panes of glass, which helps to create a tougher barrier against cold outside air.

Enjoy Beautiful Aesthetics

After you have prepared your home for the storm you can hunker down with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the beautiful snowfall from your GreatView windows. Replacing your old windows with bigger, more beautiful windows not only makes your view of the beautiful nature outside more awe-inspiring, but it also makes the exterior of your home look improved. Plus, if your GreatView windows were to crack or become damaged, your lifetime guarantee allows for them to be replaced for free! That’s beauty inside and out that you can depend on.

But What If I Don’t Have Replacement Windows?

If you don’t have replacement windows already installed, then try applying plastic to the panes of your window glass and caulking any cracks in the window frame where cold air may be getting through. You can browse our Window Gallery now to explore the many styles of windows we offer. As soon as the roads are clear, make your way down to Capital Windows to talk to a representative about which windows are best for you!

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