Kitchen Investments that Increase Your ROI

kitchen investments for a high ROI

Investing in the right renovations can make your kitchen pay off down the road.

Whether you are planning to sell within the next few years or just want to maximize your home’s value before you refinance, investing in your kitchen is a great place to start. Many different kitchen investments have a fantastic return on investment or ROI, so why not improve your home and improve its value at the same time? Here are the top kitchen investments that increase your ROI.


It can be easy to splurge on appliances around the board, but not all of them will give you a good ROI.

  • Save on your refrigerator, as they typically need to be replaced every 15 or so years.
  • Spend on your cooktop, as they last a long time and add value to your kitchen.
  • Spend on stainless steel appliances, as they have been the most in-demand for the past years.
  • Spend on energy-efficient appliances, as the trends are moving towards maximizing energy efficiency.


Kitchen countertops are another centerpiece of your kitchen, and making a choice that works for your family and other potential homeowners is crucial to maximizing your ROI.

  • Save on highly unique styles that may not fit with a wide range of personal styles. Instead, look at options that are flexible and can fit in well with a range of styles, from modern to traditional.
  • Spend on a statement material for your kitchen island if you can’t afford to for the entire kitchen. Using an elegant piece of granite on the island raises the value of the entire kitchen without the price tag of using granite for the entire kitchen.


Aside from appliances and countertops, cabinetry can greatly increase your ROI. Cabinets can be very pricey, so be smart about where you save and where you spend.

  • Spend on cabinets that have soft-close doors, as homebuyers see those as a necessity and not a luxury.
  • Save on the material you choose for your cabinetry, as most people cannot tell the difference between a high-quality veneer cabinet or a solid wood one.
  • Spend on high-quality cabinet construction, as this will allow your cabinets to be refaced instead of needing to be outright replaced (and this will reflect in your ROI!).

Kitchen Investments from Capital Remodeling

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